Is it time?

There comes a time when we realize that we get to decide. Are we going to keep carrying around the the reasons life isn’t working the way we envisioned? Are we going to fall for distraction after distraction? Are we going to be disconnected from the people we spend the most time with? From our loved ones? Are we going to blame others and seethe in anger and irritation? Are we going to be toppled by our grief and suffering?

There’s a better way. Tending the Fire Within is about building our core strength. It’s about handling life with equanimity. About deciding how our life is going to be—and then working it. It’s about using our limited energy strategically. It’s about creating something different–something stronger and better. It’s about standing up and being counted. About giving the one good thing that you’re here to give. It’s about doing whatever it takes to be true to yourself.

Tending the Fire Within gives us everything we need to create a life of true connection, of meaningful work and contribution, and of an abundance overflowing enough to share. We can make this happen for ourselves.

I’m Anne O’Connor, the founder and facilitator of Tending the Fire Within, and I want you to have what you need to be a shining light out in the world. We need you and your best. When we’re tending our own fires, we can spend all of our energy in forward, productive motion. And when your whole group is on fire: Yes! Life just works better.

I work with businesses and other groups to design trainings tailored to what you’re dealing with. We delve into stress and self care, leadership development, communications that count, creating connection in your world, listening to the wisdom in your body, how to get over yourself (for most of us, some of our biggest work right here) so you can stop f’ing around…yep. So many good things.

Can’t wait to meet you and see what we might do together.  Give me a call today and let’s get on with it.

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Yes, let’s do that.

Until then,


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Anne O’Connor has a magical way of drawing you in and, even in a group of people, you feel like she is talking to you. She has an amazing gift for telling stories in a way that makes you learn who you are and what you need to move forward. If you have a chance to go to one of Anne’s workshops, GO! I promise you, she will help you to look right where you need to look.

Susan Townsley

licensed clinical social worker