About Anne and Tending the Fire Within

I’ve been in communications my entire adult life. I’ve been a professional journalist, writer, author, editor, facilitator, and manager. Oh, and a mom to four kids. Not to mention a bartender. I’ve made a life of watching people and listening to their stories.Anne O'Connor

I’ve seen the ways that our stories can help to keep us stuck or to propel us into a change that needs making.

Mostly, I like people and I like to see them kick some ass in their lives—to be thriving and contributing and whole. I started Tending the Fire Within so I could design programs to help people live their best lives. Why not? Here we are, might as well do it up right. Right?

I’m lucky that so many have shown me some ways that work when you work them. So if you’re ready to make some changes, jump on in.

The workshop that we create for your group will be a direct reflection of some of the best tools I’ve experienced in self-discovery, growth, and personal development. I’ve had great teachers, great experiences, and this work is a concentration of the best ideas and practices delivered to you.

One thing that ought to be clear: I like to have fun while we’re changing our lives and the world. There won’t be any work coming from me that isn’t also fun, engaging, and enlivening. And, if you’re in, we won’t be pussyfooting around. Come ready to be pushed, hey?

Oh, that and I’m pretty much all about chocolate and popcorn. In moderation, of course.

I hope we get to know each other.

Where you’d find me:

2014—currently: Director of Public Affairs, Organic Valley

2011—currently: Founder and facilitator, Tending the Fire Within

November, 2012— January, 2013: Relational Leadership Training with Peter Devries of Constellation Works

2011—2012: Initiate in the Wheel of Initiation with Prudence Tippins

Workshop—Non-violent Communication, based on Marshall Rosenberg’s work

2011—cofounder of Life: On the Radio, a weekly talk show on WDRT in Viroqua

2010—currently: member of the Threshold Care Circle

2007—2011: co-Founder, editor and publisher, Kickapoo Free Press

2006: Graduate of the Hoffman Process

2003: Author of The Truth About Stepfamilies

2003—currently: Waldorf Schools parent

1994—2000: Staff Writer, Star Tribune in Minneapolis

BA Journalism, University of Minnesota

1990-1992: Bartender at First Avenue nightclub

1986—present: Sober, drug free and working it for every sweet moment.










About Tending the Fire Within

Tending the Fire Within is building our inner strength. It’s recognizing and noticing the ways that we stop ourselves from being the person we are here to be. And then making the changes we need to become our most genuine, alive, thriving, and best selves.

TFW is a set of tools that cuts through the distraction, old habits and destructive patterns we’ve grown into so that we can create something new. It’s about getting clear that we have a choice. That these are our lives, our creations and we are fully responsibility for every part. It’s about treating our bodies with care and respect. And Tending the Fire Within is about giving the world your thing–whatever your thing is.

Each of us has a pull, a longing to develop and grow into our best selves.  Surely you’ve met him or her. She shows up when we act from our true nature. Tending our fire, we can get to know this self and make it comfortable for her to stick around. We know we’re acting in from this place when:

* We can deflect the temptations of habit and long-term patterns and respond with clarity and conscious choice.

* We can stand in the world and face the inevitable heartache without crumbling.

* We show up powerfully in our own lives, in the lives of people we love, in the lives of our communities.

* We don’t have to hide. We are comfortable in our own skin.

* We can swoon with joy – yes, swoon with joy – over the goodness that life brings.

* We will no longer be surprised or afraid of pain, suffering, grief, and mourning. These things won’t scare us. We will simply make room for them as part of who we are.

This is good stuff worth pursuing. Today is a great day to start living a great life–give me a call and let’s do this.