When complainers are a good thing

Marcy gets up enough courage to go to her boss and tell her that she didn’t appreciate her talking to another employee about Marcy’s problem without coming to Marcy first. This is a big deal for Marcy because her boss—call her Denise—doesn’t always respond well... read more

Dad dies, but his gift lives on

Patrick Francis O’Connor, my father, died last week. He was only 76, but he’s been sick for years. We’ve had the emotional whiplash of “last moments” over and over again: Surely, he won’t make it home from the hospital again? This time the pneumonia will take him.... read more

Everything is temporary

My father is in the hospital with pneumonia. Again. He’s been unwell for years. Late stage diabetes is a horror. In and out of comas, falling to the ground, hitting his head, losing a little bit more memory every time he recovers. His multiple back surgeries keep him... read more

Reading your own body language

I’ve spent a couple of days out flat: coughing, sneezing, and miserable. But this illness is cake compared to how I used to get sick. Like the time I was at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts for some exhibit I couldn’tmiss. I could barely stand I was so sick. I was... read more


For firm mattresses and soft down comforters. And mango with sticky rice. Voicemail messages cheering me on. Unwavering love. The sound of small feet making their way down the stairs in the morning. For the salty water of the sea. And fresh water lakes. Expansive,... read more

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