Six things your body needs every day

Earlier this summer, I camped with my kids and a group of other families. We’ve been doing this long weekend together for many years and in my family, it is the highlight of the summer. One of the great things about the weekend is how much time we are outside. There’s... read more

Listening: You gotta stop talking

I was part of a group the other day and one woman was telling a sensitive story. Another woman in the group kept interrupting her. She was encouraging her, affirming what the first woman was trying to say, but she was interrupting nonetheless. I marveled, not for the... read more

The invisible dance of mystery

Last night I went to the Mississippi River with a group of women. I think of this river as the country’s aorta, the largest river pumping life from the top to the bottom of the country. It’s been a big part of my life, too. I remember as a child stepping over the... read more

Don’t take what isn’t yours

When I first started developing this work of Tending the Fire Within, I was in a particular moment in my life. I had wrapped up a divorce. I was going to write a brutal divorce, but that would be redundant, right? They are all brutal in their own ways. Mine was brutal... read more

Broken, but beautiful still

Of all the problems of the world, relationship trouble can cut to our core like little else. And if the twenties and thirties are the ages of new love, weddings, babies, and home-building, then the forties and fifties are the ages of disillusionment, despair,... read more

The community send-off

 Last night, I took my kids to a graduation party for one of the spectacular young women in my town who has completed high school and is ready to launch into the larger world. The party was just outside of town on the family’s beautiful ridge top farm. Perched on the... read more

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