Tend the Fire: in Red Wing, MN starting in April

I have just announced a new workshop series and I want you to be a part of it! In just a few weeks, we’ll be in Red Wing, Minnesota, working on the five keys to Tending the Fire Within and there’s a place for you.
These workshops give us a renewed enthusiasm for our lives as we develop powerful and practical ways to create the lives we want. Are you ready for some changes in your world? Come and do this work with us!
We usually spend our weekends working on the yard, or at our kids’ games, or doing taxes, or cleaning the garage, or doing maintenance on everything but ourselves.
When’s the last time you invested a chunk of time on developing your inner landscape? On getting clear about where your life is going? On learning about new tools to help build your life?
A Tending the Fire Within workshop is a great place to stoke the fire.
People walk out of these workshops and see immediate and significant changes in their worlds. The work leaves people not only revived and ready to recreate their lives, but it also gives them the tools and the community to support them in doing the work.
Each workshop will gather a small group of people delving into the ideas that make life worth living. Come and ponder and participate, talk and listen, play and write, imagine and practice new ways of being in the world while we learn to find our path and practice ways to stay on it.
What I offer is a lifetime of experience in finding the path. Any number of things brought me to this work: My parents’ divorce when I was young, undergoing drug and alcohol rehab, traveling overseas, working in the corporate world as well as at a nightclub, being a stepmother, working as a staff writer for a major metro daily newspaper, writing a book, being married, getting divorced, not dying, flying through a windshield, learning to walk, understanding pain, having children, finding yoga, understanding mediation, loving people, losing people, finding solace among trees and water, living for months in Mexico, smoking instead of breathing, understanding the power of a group of people working toward a common goal, finding a path that helps me shine, sharing my discoveries and reinforcing them along the way.
This work is my work. If you’ll come share it with me, I know that you’ll find your own exhilaration, your own peace in your own life.
At my core, I’m a reporter and a teacher.  I’ve taken the experiences of my life, fleshed them out with modern research and ancient tradition, and come up with five keys to doing the work and staying on your best path. We will write, and create art, move, work alone and in pairs and groups. We’ll find the ways that life works well and we’ll focus on how to keep doing those things. We’ll support one another; we’ll create the energy and enthusiasm for walking down this path together.
And we’ll do it all in the plush St. James Hotel, right on the Mississippi River. We’ll have great nourishment, both for the body and the soul. Maybe we’ll step outside and see a bald eagle soaring overhead. I hope you take this time to invest in your life. 
Being our best selves is about caring for our bodies; it’s about continually training our minds to separate out the chatter and focus on something worthwhile; it’s about getting quiet and still so that we can hear the true voice of our best self; it’s about paying close attention to the important moments and people in our lives; it’s about pushing past fear and anxiety and complacency to creating something brilliant, and beautiful, and fresh; it’s about giving our best to our families, our work, our communities; it’s about developing a trusted and supportive community. Creating our best lives is an on-going process.
Come and tend your fire with me. I can’t wait to see you.
Click here to sign up for the workshops now.

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  1. This is very exciting! Red Wing and the St. James Hotel are perfect locations for Tending the Fire.
    I am imagining the lovely drive up the River, a great overnight at the Hotel and your wonderful Workshops on spring/summer Saturdays.
    Super package, SRO for sure.


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