“Building a strong fire takes a spark, fuel, and oxygen. Maintaining a strong fire within is no different. We need a renewing spark of inspiration, the consistent fuel of self-love, and the breath of community to do the work our soul demands. No matter how experienced we are in building fires, Anne O’Connor’s ‘Tending the Fire Within’ offers all three elements, along with the joy that comes from touching our own authentic power. Anne is an extraordinarily capable and experienced guide on this journey. Her humor, her compassion, her intelligence, and her thoughtfulness combine alchemically to lead participants toward self-love, self-knowing, and self-actualization. Attending Anne’s workshop stirred the coals of my heart and reminded me who I really am. I hope everyone accepts this gift of an opportunity to do the same.”
— Prudence Tippins, director, Calliope Center for Reflection and Renewal

“Anne O’Connor brings us great information in a fast-paced, engaging way. I’ve been in many leadership training workshops, and Anne adds something new to the mix. She goes past what we already know and helps us to get to the root of why making changes can be so difficult. Then she gives us specific tools to get past our own barriers. Anne helps us tap into our deepest thoughts and desires, and then helps us connect those to life-enriching plans for action and change. I was and my employees were delighted with Anne’s sessions. Our precious training dollars were well-spent.”
— Grace Jones, executive director, Couleecap

“Anne is a genuine, fire-formed woman. She is practical and grounded in her presentation and insight. Creative and accomplished with the written word, she fluidly transposes her grace of pen to the spoken word, giving rise to a multi-faceted experience well worth your time. Treat yourself to a ritual space where meaning and depth are alchemically interwoven with the ordinary. Catch fire right where you are!”
— James Farrell, father, carpenter, and interfaith minister

“You will come away refreshed and invigorated after a day with Anne O’Connor. While touching on many complicated issues—life, death, health, and addiction—Anne frames these discussions in a creative, humorous, and supportive manner. Drawing on her broad personal experience, her in-depth research, and her own considerable smarts and charisma, Anne creates a warm and stimulating oasis for people considering life’s challenges. I recommend her workshops for anyone interesting in examining how to live better in the world.”
— David Hough, freelance book editor

“I can’t tell you how many times the phrase, “listen to your body” has gone thru my head since last week. I have a long way to go but hope to do mini-steps and make it really talk to me. I have always been in excellent health and would like to keep it that way. The first mini step I am taking is starting to walk and move about more. Anne O’Connor is so very personable, someone who cares about others and making them a better person. Anne makes us think about not only liking ourselves the way we are, but also about striving to be better. Just know that it was a wonderful day.”
— A workshop attendee

“Anne O’Connor has done a lot of the work for us. This business of living is less of a mystery to her than it is to me, and she communicates what she knows in a straightforward yet charming way. An hour spent listening to her is an hour well spent—or it would be, if she would let us just listen. Instead, she engages us as active partners and makes our stories part of her message. The time goes too fast.”
— Eric Ringham, writer and editor

“Anne O’Connor has a magical way of drawing you in and, even in a group of people, you feel like she is talking to you. She has an amazing gift for telling stories in a way that makes you learn who you are and what you need to move forward. If you have a chance to go to one of Anne’s workshops, GO! I promise you, she will help you to look right where you need to look.”
— Susan Townsley, licensed clinical social worker

“The workshop makes you think about your life—where you’ve been, where you’re going. It really made me stop and think about myself and the ways to practice. As Anne says, ‘The world needs you to be your best self.'”
— A workshop attendee

“I have watched and listened to Anne O’Connor speak on several occasions. One that comes immediately to mind is a keynote that she delivered to the staff and backers of the Kickapoo Free Press. She had us from the word ‘go.’ The room was rocking in no time at all. We went from respectfully quiet to completely energized in the course of one speech. Remarkable. I have heard some of the best in my day and she is at the top of my very short list of speakers.”
— Ed Holahan, creativity trainer, columnist, and radio host

“I would definitely recommend the Body Talk workshop. I thought it was fabulous. The atmosphere in the room is so welcoming. I didn’t feel at all uncomfortable speaking up. The information I learned was great. Anne O’Connor’s session really left an impression on me.”
— Amber Bethke, human resource administrator, Couleecap


About Tending the Fire Within

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