What are you doing with your new year?

What are you doing with your new year?

Early this morning, I looked up and saw the bright, clear moon shining in the dark sky. Wasn’t it moments ago that she was full? But she wanes and the night sky darkens as she disappears again.
And now it’s the New Year. It’s 2013 and we’re all still here. I love the joke running around with the woman who says, “I don’t want to brag or anything, but this is like the fifth end of the world I’ve survived.”
My brother had the idea of printing up t-shirts saying, “Okay, it’s December 22 and the world didn’t end. Now, will you shut the *&#) up?!”
Yep, we’re all still here. New beginnings and fresh starts and time to consider just what we’re doing here. New years lend themselves to that kind of contemplation.
I remember hearing once that what you do at the beginning of the year, you’ll do all year long. It’s just an idea, of course. We can change what we do whenever we feel like it.
But still, I’ve planned this day based on what I want to do the rest of the year. I’ll spend some time writing, some time doing yoga and meditating. I’ll see some good friends, and hug my kids. I’ll practice my guitar and tell people that I’m glad they’re in my life. And I’ll watch the moon as she rises again and notice how quickly things change.
Happy New Year to you! 


  1. A most excellent plan for a day…and a year. Happy New Year.

  2. Happy New Year, Anne!
    Here is something to consider: Current research indicates strongly that there are
    THREE KEY COMPONENTS to optimum health and well-being:
    Joy, Meaningful work or purpose in life, and Sensual Pleasure.
    I am resolved to consciously nurture and ‘grow’ each of these in my life, every day of 2013.


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