Stop F’ing Around: A Year of Paying Attention

Stop F’ing Around: A Year of Paying Attention is exactly what is sounds like: a loving and supportive kick in the pants to get you up and being who you know you’re meant to be.

We all have ways we’re stopped and we all need a little help along the way. A well-facilitated group doing meaningful work is one of the best ways we can push ourselves past our resistance, our habits, our patterns of doing things that don’t help us. And get to clearing the way to consciously create a life we want to be living. A life that gives what we’re here to give. A life of beauty all around us.

Stop F’ing Around is the outcome of an accumulation of experiences and revelations.

I’ve been lucky and privileged over the years to have so many great teachers and to have experienced incredible learning through a number of systems. You can see more about my journey here. I’ve taken the wisdom and experience of all that work, added in my own experience and training to create a year of self-discovery.

In weekly workshops, we will develop practical tools for living and creating a life with purpose and joy. I chose this name—rather blunt I know—because I have found over and over again that this is what works: making a commitment to change and getting the tools and support to start living a life of creativity and contribution. The tools that I’ve learned along the way work and I’m ready to share them with you.

Stop F’ing Around and paying attention are two things that we need to:
• Stop destructive and tedious thinking and find better ways to spend our energy
• Take full responsibility for our lives and for creating beauty and joy for ourselves and the people we love
• Unravel and undo deeply-formed habits of coping that don’t help and may hurt
• Take up the life that is right in front of us today. To release the past, to acknowledge the future, but to stay in the here and now.

Stop F’ing Around is a supportive and insistent group of 10-12 people facilitated by Anne O’Connor. 

This group is open to all adults willing to delve in, to explore, to be seen, and to be pushed towards becoming more and more their true selves. To join the group, you will need to arrange an interview with me so that we can clarify our roles and expectations before we begin. Sign up for weekly updates for when a new group is starting.

I look forward to the magic that comes when we decide that it is time to Stop F’ing Around and get on with our creative, joyful, responsible, equanimous lives.

How about it?

Wishing for beauty all around you,



When’s the last time you stood in a bunch of flowers and lifted your arms to the sun? About time, hey?